9Line focuses on supporting Wounded Warriors and their families throughout their recovery and rehabilitation and ensuring that their reintegration into the military or civilian life is seamless.
USSOCOM Care Coalition Recovery Program (CCRP)
Wounded Warrior Athlete Program (WWAP)
Care Coalition’s Recovery Program (CCRP)

Under the direction of the USSOCOM Care Coalition, and in partnership with Akimeka, LLC, 9Line executes the Care Coalition’s Recovery Program (CCRP). 9Line’s highly qualified team is completely synchronized and integrated with the USSOCOM Care Coalition to offer exceptional support to our nation’s Wounded SOF Warriors and their families.

The CCRP has six mission areas: Mentorship, Wellness, Community Outreach, Resource Networks, Operational Health Advanced Training Program, and Advocacy.

  USSOCOM Care Coalition

Mentorship – 9Line introduces peer mentors early on in the recovery process of the Wounded Warrior and their family.  Peer mentors provide guidance, feedback, and encouragement.  They are uniquely qualified to discuss the physical, emotional, and psychological challenges that the newly Wounded Warrior will face in their recovery and rehabilitation – they have truly “been there” and know what challenges the road ahead to recovery presents to both the wounded warrior and the family member.

Wellness – The 9Line team works with the Wounded Warriors' and their medical staff to determine their readiness for off-facility activities that will enhance their self-esteem and confidence.  Wellness activities may include everything from participation in adaptive downhill skiing to complimentary care physical therapy such as deep tissue muscle manipulation.  9Line team members also pay special attention to sustaining the mental well-being of the caregiver spouse or family members to ensure that they are afforded relief from the intense responsibilities associated with caring for a wounded or seriously ill loved one.  To effectively facilitate participation in wellness activities, the Wellness Coordinator and other 9Line team members have productive working relationships with specialized treatment facilities, military support organizations, nonprofits, benevolent organizations, adaptive technology and sports equipment vendors, and other organizations nationwide.

Community Outreach – For those Wounded Warriors who are medically retired and transitioning out of the service the 9Line team will ensure that the move to civilian status is smooth and without incident.  9Line develops and delivers a reintegration packet which contains information on the local housing market, schools, employment and educational opportunities, maps of the local area, and important points of contact.  In addition, 9Line team members reach out to local civic and business leaders in the community to raise awareness of the CCRP mission and together develop a reception and support network for the Wounded Warrior and their family, including identifying a local area sponsor to assist with transition requirements.

Resource Networks – 9Line maintains and continually adds to a database of employment resources for Wounded Warriors that includes both government and civilian employers as well as support organizations.  In addition, 9Line continues to foster relationships with government agencies, such as the FBI, that seek the unique and highly specialized skills of a Warrior and can, in turn, provide the Warrior with positions that afford them challenges similar to those they encountered as Special Operators.

Operational Health Advanced Training Program – 9Line supports Wounded Warriors who want to return to duty and who need to achieve a military operational level of health.  To achieve this outcome, 9Line under the direction of the USSOCOM Care Coalition assists the Wounded Warrior by enrolling them in the Individual Military/Tactical Performance Training Program, an intensive rehabilitation program offered at the Andrews Institute in Gulf Breeze, Florida.  9Line continues to support the Wounded Warrior throughout their stay at the Andrews Institute by covering transport and lodging for the Wounded Warrior, as well as transport, lodging, and per diem of family members and other support individuals for periodic visits to the training facility.  9Line continues to track the Wounded Warrior’s progress upon their completion of the Andrews Institute program and their return to duty.

Advocacy – Assist wounded warriors with resolution of issues related to health care, benefits, pay, entitlements and medical and physical evaluation boards.  We work in collaboration with the Department of Defense, Veterans Affairs and non-governmental organizations to provide maximum benefits to the wounded warrior.   We also provide wounded warriors guidance that will facilitate them making informed decisions regarding their continued military career and/or civilian career.

Wounded Warrior Athlete Program (WWAP) – 9Line LLC is proud to be working with the United States Olympic Committee (USOC) and their Paralympic Program in the development of a Wounded Warrior Athlete Program (WWAP).  Under the team name Bionic Warriors: the WWAP was devised and developed to introduce Wounded Warriors to adaptive sports and to support those who are active in adaptive sports.  The program offers participants Olympic-level training coaching and mentorship, and coordinates the participation in local, regional, national, and Paralympics-level competitive events designed to motivate and challenge the individual.

Potential participants are identified and validated through the USSOCOM Care Coalition. Those Wounded Warriors who are already competing are requested to provide an equipment list; those who are being newly introduced to adaptive sports are directed to USOC coaches and based on their interest are provided with a better understanding of the equipment they need to get started. The Wounded Warrior Athlete Program coordinates with benevolent organizations to ensure that team members receive the equipment and training necessary to compete. Organizations who have agreed to work with the Wounded Warrior Athlete Program include:

The success of this program will be evident in the enhanced quality of life of the Wounded Warriors, as evidenced by their improved physical and mental state of our Bionic Warriors team members.

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